Sawyer Seminar Series: The Challenge of Animism

On May 20, 2013 at UC Davis, this seminar featured Isabelle Stengers and Donna Haraway as part of the Sawyer Seminar Series.

Isabelle Stengers is Professor of Philosophy at the Free University of Brussels. She is author of numerous books and articles on the history of science, the politics of scientific knowledge production, and the ecology of practices. Her most recent books available in English are Cosmopolitics I (Minnesota, 2010) and Cosmopolitics II (Minnesota, 2011).

Donna Haraway is Professor of History of Consciousness and Feminist Studies at University of California, Santa Cruz. Her research interests include feminist theory, cultural and historical studies of science and technology, relation of life and human sciences, and human-animal relations. Her most recent book is When Species Meet (Minnesota, 2008).

The Sawyer Seminars at UC Davis, Indigenous Cosmopolitis: Dialogues about the Reconstitution of Worlds, convenes an interdisciplinary, international group of scholars to discuss the innovative possibilities at the crossroads of indigenous social movements and studies of science and technology. For more information about the series, visit