Sawyer Seminar Series: Carrying the dead along with us. What is a postcolonial archive?

On February 25, 2013 at UC Davis, this seminar featured Helen Verran, Judith Farquhar and Anna Tsing as part of the Sawyer Seminar Series.

Helen Verran is Professor of History and Philosophy of Science at University of Melbourne. Her current research focuses on environmentalism and its working knowledges. She has a PhD in metabolic biochemistry. Previously, she worked as a science lecturer in the Institute for Education at Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria. Among her publications is Science and an African Logic (Chicago, 2001).

Judith Farquhar is Max Palevsky Professor of Anthropology and of Social Sciences at the University of Chicago. Her research focuses on traditional medicine, popular culture, and everyday life in contemporary China. Other areas of interest include medical anthropology; the anthropology of knowledge and of embodiment; critical theory and cultural studies; and theories of reading, writing, and translation. Her publications include Knowing Practice: The Clinical Encounter in Chinese Medicine (Westview, 1996), Ten Thousand Things: Nurturing Life in Contemporary Beijing with Zhang Qicheng (Zone, 2012), and Appetites: Food and Sex in Post-Socialist China (Duke, 2002). 

Anna Tsing is Professor of Anthropology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She is the recent recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship for her current research in which she explores the relationship between mushroom cultivation and damaged landscapes. Her publications include Friction: An Ethnography of Global Connection (Princeton, 2005), In the Realm of the Diamond Queen (Princeton, 1994) and Words in Motion ( ed.) (Duke, 2009).

The Sawyer Seminars at UC Davis, Indigenous Cosmopolitis: Dialogues about the Reconstitution of Worlds, convenes an interdisciplinary, international group of scholars to discuss the innovative possibilities at the crossroads of indigenous social movements and studies of science and technology. For more information about the series, visit