Sawyer Seminar Series: Anthropocenography: On the Coming Cosmopolitical War

On June 30, 2013 at UC Davis, this seminar featured Eduardo Viveiros de Castro, Debbora Battaglia and Marianne Lien as part of the Sawyer Seminar Series.

Eduardo Viveiros de Castro is an Associate Professor in Social Anthropology at the National Museum of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. His research interests include South American ethnology, kinship, ritual, and cognitive anthropology. His publications include From the Enemy's Point of View: Humanity and Divinity in an Amazonian Society (Chicago, 1992). His most recent book is Métaphysiques cannibales (Paris: PUF, 2009). 

Debbora Battaglia is a Five College Fortieth Anniversary Professor, and Professor of Anthropology at Mount Holyoke College. She has published extensively on epistemologies of belonging and alienness, most recently in reference to world-making and intersections of science and cosmology in discursive spheres of outer space. Her books include On the Bones of the Serpent: Person, Memory, and Mortality in Sabarl Island Society (Chicago, 1990) and E.T. Culture: Anthropology in Outerspaces, and Rhetorics of Self-Making (ed.) (Duke, 2006). A John Simon Guggenheim and NEH Fellow, she holds a doctorate in Social Anthropology from Cambridge University.

The Sawyer Seminars at UC Davis, Indigenous Cosmopolitis: Dialogues about the Reconstitution of Worlds, convenes an interdisciplinary, international group of scholars to discuss the innovative possibilities at the crossroads of indigenous social movements and studies of science and technology. For more information about the series, visit