Sociology PhD Student Selected for Prestigious Health Leadership Program

A UC Davis graduate student has been selected to join Health Policy Research Scholars, a new program led by Johns Hopkins University with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Roy Taggueg, a PhD student in the Department of Sociology, will collaborate with scholars from across the United States, advancing a culture of health and well-being for all.

The 40 graduate students selected from the program hail from communities that—by race, ethnicity, socio-economic status and other factors—are traditionally underrepresented in doctoral programs and policy development. The program aims to increase diversity in the next generations of leaders, and ensure equity in policies.

“These scholars are dedicated to advancing their field in a way that makes a positive and significant impact on their communities,” says Harolyn M.E. Belcher, MD, MHS, program director, Health Policy Research Scholars Center for Diversity in Public Health Leadership Training and professor of pediatrics at Johns Hopkins. “In order to do so, they’re willing to forge a new path, learn how to do things differently and work collaboratively to achieve a healthier, more equitable society.”

As part of the program, Roy will develop high-level leadership skills through professional coaching, mentoring, networking and an advanced health policy curriculum. Meanwhile, he will continue working full-time, applying new health policy knowledge and leadership in the community and field.

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