Polarization and Policy on Eve of Election [Video]

On November 2, 2016—one week before Donald J. Trump emerged victorious in the U.S. presidential election—ISS hosted a Noon Lecture entitled "Election 2016: Polarization, Public Opinion and Policy Making." It was presented by Cheryl Boudreau and Christopher Hare, both of the Department of Political Science at UC Davis.

Cheryl Boudreau is an associate professor of political science at UC Davis. Her research examines whether and when different types of political information help uninformed voters to make political decisions that improve their welfare. For this panel, Professor Boudreau will be presenting data showing public opinion about the initiatives on the ballot in California and the different types of information that might affect opinion on these issues.

Christopher Hare is an assistant professor of political science at UC Davis. His primary research agenda encompasses ideology and voting behavior in the mass public, campaign strategy, politics and religion, and political polarization. At this event, Professor Hare will discuss what 2016 can tell us about polarization in American politics. Just how divided are we, and what are the policymaking implications moving forward?