ISS Funding Supports UC Davis Graduate Students with Summer and Research Travel

The UC Davis Institute for Social Sciences, in partnership with the Center for Regional Change, recently supported awards to select UC Davis graduate students in the social sciences for summer research and travel and support for thesis and disseration improvement.

Recipients of this year's awards are: Ingrid Behrsin, Geography; Rebecca Campbell, Community Development; Elizabeth Christensen, Geography; Jonah Cox, Human Development; Megan Kelso, Ecology; Xijia Li, Community Development; Brandon Louie, Community Development and Jessica Smith, Community Development.

These recipients divided a total of $5,000 in funding, up to $2,500 for summer research or travel and $2500 for masters thesis or doctoral dissertation improvement. 

The UC Davis Center for Regional Change (CRC) produces innovative research to create healthy, sustainable, prosperous, and equitable regional change in California's Central Valley and Sierra Nevada and beyond. Organized within and with core support from the UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, the CRC is a resource for faculty and students across the campus and partners throughout California and the world.

Read about this year's recipients and their projects.