ISS Awards Its First-year Grants for Social Sciences Research

We are pleased to announce our first-year awards, including seed funding to three major research projects that reach across departments on campus, and individual research grants to nine UC Davis faculty. We have also named our first three ISS Fellows, who will give proseminars on cutting-edge research methods and concepts.

The outpouring of interest in ISS support showed the breadth of innovative research being done by social scientists on campus. For our seed grants we sought proposals involving new collaborations and innovative directions in research. Support for these projects includes the help of the ISS grant writer to help secure ongoing external grant support.

Individual research grants are smaller awards with a preference for junior faculty applicants, to help them advance in their careers. 

Below is the list of newly funded work:

Projects Awarded Seed Funding 

Faculty Awarded Individual Research Grants

  • Santiago Barreda-Castanon, Assistant Professor, Linguistics
    Learning Social Cues from Language: The Development of Gender Perception from Speech in Hearing and Deaf Children 
  • Cheryl Boudreau, Associate Professor, Political Science
    The Effects of Information about Income Inequality on Public Support for Taxes 
  • Bo Feng, Associate Professor, Communication
    Physician Communication of Depression Medication during Clinical Visits 
  • Cristiana Giordano, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
    Migrants and Microbes: Politics of the Immune System in Contemporary Europe 
  • Scott MacKenzie, Assistant Professor, Political Science
    Political Mobility, Institutional Change and Legislative Behavior 
  • Heather McKibben, Assistant Professor, Political Science
    Power, Issue Linkage, and Bargaining in International Trade Negotiations 
  • Marian Schlotterbeck, Assistant Professor, History
    Beyond the Vanguard: Grassroots Movements and the Making of Revolutionary Chile
  • Shu Shen, Assistant Professor, Economics
    Selective Instrumental Variable Regression
  • Ina Simonovska, Assistant Professor, Economics
    The Risky Capital of Emerging Markets 

 ISS Fellows

  • Cristiana Giordano, Anthropology
    Ethnography and Care-full Description 
    This pro-seminar will focus on ethnography, fieldwork, and the kinds of texts and representations social scientists produce post fieldwork to disseminate and interpret the results of their research. 
  • Petr Janata, Psychology; Center for Mind and Brain
    Duncan Temple Lang, Statistics; Data Science Initiative
    Mining the Social Web: Concepts, Technologies and Methods in Crowdsourcing Autobiographical Memory Research in the Age of Big Data
    The aims of this proseminar are (1) to engage students in thinking about the opportunities and challenges that the social web may provide their research, and (2) to give them a cursory introduction to the concepts and tools that have emerged for structuring, mining, analyzing, and visualizing the social web.