ISS Announces 2015-16 Faculty Funding Awards

The Institute for Social Sciences is pleased to announce its 2015-16 faculty funding awards. Totaling almost $100,000 across twelve individual and three interdisciplinary projects, this support for new and groundbreaking research ranges throughout the Division of Social Sciences and beyond.

The ISS Executive Committee selected grantees from a diverse range of strong proposals. Interdisciplinary seed funding worth a total of $50,000 was awarded to three projects involving innovative collaborations between social scientists and scholars from other fields. Support for these projects includes the help of the ISS grant writer to help secure ongoing external grant support.

Twelve individual grants totaling $48,000 were awarded primarily to junior faculty from a variety of departments, supporting wide-ranging projects with the potential to advance the academic careers of the researchers.

See below for a full list of 2015-16 awards:

Interdisciplinary Seed Grants

 Individual Research Grants

      • The Effect of Self-Control on Academic Success in Mexican-Origin Youth
        Wiebke Bleidorn, Assistant Professor, Psychology
      • The Economics of Universal Service: An Analysis of Entry Subsidies for Rural Broadband
        Andre Boik, Assistant Professor, Economics
      • Conflict and Consensus: Reaching Group Decisions in Primate Societies
        Margaret Crofoot, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
      • Bilingual Challenges in Language Acquisition
        Katharine Graf Estes, Assistant Professor, Psychology
      • Issue Salience and Priorities in the American Electorate
        Christopher Hare, Assistant Professor, Political Science
      • Supporting Children of Immigrants’ Special Needs in California’s New Era of Local Control
        Jacob Hibel, Assistant Professor, Sociology
      • We Will Remain Métis: Race, Family, and Citizenship in Twentieth Century Francophone Africa and Europe, ca. 1914-1962
        Rachel Jean-Baptiste, Associate Professor, History
      • The Genealogy of Western Parties
        Stephanie Mudge, Assistant Professor, Sociology
      • The European Court of Justice and the Domestic Politics of Compliance
        Lauren Peritz, Assistant Professor, Political Science
      • Genetic Research, Race, and Informed Consent
        Tina Rulli, Assistant Professor, Philosophy
      • Gender Disparity and Network Dynamics in Virtual Worlds
        Cuihua (Cindy) Shen, Assistant Professor, Communication
      • Examining Racial Bias in Fatal and Nonfatal Police Shootings, 2015
        Chris Smith, Assistant Professor, Sociology

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