Announcing 2017-18 ISS Junior Faculty Research Grants

The Institute for Social Sciences is pleased to announce its 2017-18 Junior Faculty Research Grants. This support for new and groundbreaking research ranges throughout the Division of Social Sciences.

The ISS Executive Committee selected grantees from a diverse range of exceedingly strong proposals. Seven grants were awarded to assistant professors from a variety of departments, supporting wide-ranging projects with the potential to advance the academic careers of the researchers.

Congratulations to all!


2017-18 ISS Junior Faculty Research Grants

  • The Cultural Revolution of the Unconscious
    Howard Chiang, Assistant Professor, History
  • The Role of Ethnic Enclaves in Immigrant Assimilation: Evidence from the Age of Mass Migration
    Katherine Eriksson, Assistant Professor, Economics
  • State Reporting-Pay Laws, Unstable Work Schedules, and Earnings Instability Among Hourly Workers
    Ryan Finnigan, Assistant Professor, Sociology
  • The Evolution of Human Cooperation and Animal Domestication: Archaeological Investigations of Possible Ancient Animal Traps in the Andes Mountains, Peru
    Randall Haas, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
  • From Undocumented to Lawfully Present: Do Changes to Legal Status Under DACA Impact Immigrant Youth?
    Caitlin Patler, Assistant Professor, Sociology
  • Effects of Teacher Absence on Student Academic Achievement
    Jenna Stearns, Assistant Professor, Economics
  • The Role of Coarticulation in Word Learning
    Georgia Zellou, Assistant Professor, Linguistics


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