What's Behind GOP's Desperate Immigration Move

8/4/2017 - CCEP Director Mindy Romero at CNN.com.

The Trump administration has shifted its approach on health care repeal, tax reform, infrastructure and other major campaign promises.

That's not going to happen with immigration.
Why? Trump's avid support of newly proposed immigration legislation reflects a longstanding fear among some conservative Republicans that our current, family-based immigration system will result in millions of new African, Asian and Latin American newcomers -- people who will eventually acquire full citizenship and end up voting for Democrats.
Between 2012 and 2016, a hefty 1.2 million Latino immigrants became eligible to vote, and according to sociologist Mindy Romero, "by 2040, the US Census Bureau projects that Latinos will be 28.6% of the total US population, up from the current 17%."
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