What’s left of the right after Trump?

8/21/2016 - Professor of Political Science Walter Stone in The Boston Globe.

What will be the shape of the Republican Party in the post-Donald J. Trump era?

The question has vital implications. For all its faults, our two-party system requires two strong parties, one in power and the other in opposition, with the loyal opposition committed to the business of governing even if it is shut out of the White House, Congress — or both. Political parties require self-confidence and a strong sense of identity — and these are the elements that the post-Trump GOP must win.

“If Trump wins, the Republican Party will be fundamentally changed,’’ says Walter J. Stone, a political scientist at the University of California Davis. “But even if he loses, there’s the Trump constituency that has been activated. Trump’s candidacy has brought to the fore a set of issues the Republican Party has not dealt with and will have to deal with.’’

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