Trump's Immigration Vision Isn't the Reagan Way

8/9/2017 - Professor of Economics Giovanni Peri in the Washington Post.

It was not that long ago that a Republican presidential candidate vowed that “we will make America great again.” His name was Ronald Reagan, and he made that promise to restore American greatness at the most appropriate place he could imagine: in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty. 

It is worth recalling Reagan’s words that day, as we debate the Trump administration’s proposal to cut legal immigration in half.

2010 study by Giovanni Peri, a professor at University of California at Davis, found that “When the economy is growing, new immigration creates jobs in sufficient numbers to leave native employment unharmed, even in the relatively short run and even for less-educated native workers.” Indeed, Peri found that in the long run, immigration “unambiguously improves employment, productivity and income” for the native-born and immigrants alike.

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