These Are the Tricks States May Use to Get Around the SALT Deduction

12/18/2017 - Professor of Law and Political Science Darien Shanske at Bloomberg.

Exploiting tax loopholes is a sport associated with rich people and their fancy accountants. State governments may have to start getting fancy, too.

For now, not much is brewing in affected state capitals except discussion, but then again, the Republican tax proposals aren’t yet law. State legislators will have a lot of decisions to make about how their tax codes will change, so a stratagem to offset the loss of the SALT deduction could be part of bigger overhauls, said Darien Shanske, professor at the University of California-Davis School of Law.

“No one likes paying more in taxes,” Shanske said. “It’s likely to be especially aggravating to pay more in taxes when others are paying less.”

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