The Weird, Wonderful Social Network That Puts Your Creativity First

Linguistics Professor Patrick Farrell is cited in Fast Company.

For artists, writers, and other creative types, few things mean as much as a blank white page. Its emptiness serves as a frightening reminder that you have yet to create anything of value. Its indifference is something that even gifted geniuses like Roger Ebert had to learn to cope with.

But users are taking to NewHive for other reasons too. Some are exciting, like Pitchfork-endorsed industrial noise artist EMA, who uses NewHive to host audio-visual mixtapes and interactive zines for her fans. On the other end of the spectrum, college professors like Patrick Farrell at the UC Davis linguistics department are using NewHive as a serious education tool in the classroom, in much the same way one of your old instructors might have used PowerPoint, or even Blackboard to aggregate coursework.

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