The powerful thing that happens when the school day starts in the afternoon

8/9/2-16 - Economics PhD candidate Lester Lusher in The Washington Post.

As we continue to debate why women can’t get ahead at work — why they are less likely to be promoted, why they’re paid less than similar men in similar jobs — educators around the world have been fretting over the mirror-opposite problem. When it comes to school, it’s the girls who consistently beat out the boys. And we’re still not quite sure why.

According to a new study from economists at the University of California at Davis, starting school in the afternoon gave a surprising boost to boys. In the months when their classes were held in the afternoon, boys got slightly better grades on their assignments and tests. It wasn’t enough to totally erase the gender gap, it did close 12 to 16 percent of the difference in grades between boys and girls.

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