Tariffs and a Potential Trade War are Bad News for California

3/9/2018 - Associate Professor of Economics Kadee Russ on Southern California Public Radio.

The new import tariffs on steel and aluminum, and the potential trade war that may result, could have a disproportionate impact on California.

California has a higher ratio of the kind of jobs that could be affected by these tariffs, according to Kadee Russ, a professor of economics at UC-Davis and a former adviser on international trade to the Obama Administration.  

"In California, we have more than 100,000 jobs in industries that use steel intensively. I define “intensively” as an industry [that] has 5% or more of their total [input] requirements that comes from steel or products made from steel. So that outnumbers the number of jobs in the steel-producing industry by about 20 to 1."

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