Super Smart? You'd Better Brush Up on Your Communication Skills

1/25/2018 - Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Psychology Dean Simonton at Inc..

Imagine you're interviewing for two jobs. One is for a position where you'll be overseen by a wildly brilliant boss whose intelligence is legendary. At the other gig your boss would be a bright guy, but not someone known for their exceptional intellect. Assuming all else is equal, which job do you take?

For lots of folks this is a no brainer -- of course you'd take the job at the firm whose leadership is blessed with exceptional intelligence. A super smart supervisor is more likely to lead your team to success, and also more likely to help you stretch and expand your own skills.

Recent research by psychologist Dean Simonton of the University of California, Davis and colleagues asked 379 business leaders from around the world to take an IQ test and also asked their reports to rate the leaders' effectiveness. What the researchers uncovered wasn't a straight upward line showing higher IQ linked with higher employee evaluations. Instead, employees' opinions of their bosses peaked around an IQ of 120 and then fell off significantly. (The exact peak varied by industry.)  

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