Six Reasons It's Better To Have Two Friends Than a Huge Squad

1/29/2018 - Associate Professor of Psychology Cynthia Pickett in Cosmopolitan.

If your first thought is, "Wow, this girl only hates squads because she isn't in one," you are correct! I have never been in a squad, at least not one that didn't fizzle out or disperse as half my friends got older and moved across the country. I have a handful of really close friendships that I wouldn't trade for the glitziest group pic, but every time I stumble upon someone else's Insta gallery of their six-person tropical vacation complete with colorful drinks, cocktail umbrellas, and sunset selfies, I get jealous. In those moments I immediately want a Taylor Swift-sized girl gang, even though I've always gravitated to one-on-one friend time so much more. But is my FOMO legit?

I asked Dr. Cynthia Pickett, Associate Professor of Psychology at UC Davis, if it's normal to feel this pressure to be in a squad, along with the question I feared most: is everyone in a squad but me? Here's what I learned.

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