Schwarzenegger's next bipartisan political act: Terminating gerrymandering

9/4/2017 - Professor of History Eric Rauchway in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a master at marketing, having scaled to the top of three different professions.

But these days, the former bodybuilder and movie star is taking on perhaps his biggest sales challenge since he made “Last Action Hero”: He’s trying to get people to care about redistricting, the critical but arcane process of drawing political districts.

But Schwarzenegger could be the movement’s most influential voice.

“Nobody is probably going to change their opinion about redistricting because President Obama and Eric Holder talk about it,” said Eric Rauchway, a professor of history at UC Davis. “They might if Schwarzenegger does. He has his own platform. He’s a celebrity. And he’s a moderate Republican.”

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