Political Scientists Propose New Ways to Engage Policy Makers and the Public

Political science Professor Cheryl Boudreau is cited in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Public outreach has become a major topic of conversation in the academy as it battles widespread perceptions that university research is often irrelevant to what policy makers and the public care about. Political science is no exception. At this week’s annual conference of the American Political Science Association here, scholars have been discussing how they can make their voices heard beyond academe to show that their work is both relevant and useful. 

Cheryl Boudreau, an associate professor of political science at the University of California at Davis and a member of an APSA task force on effective engagement, said academics—particularly junior scholars—often just need help in figuring out how to connect with people beyond academe and understanding the benefits it brings them. For example, she helped the League of Women Voters draw up an issue guide and then devised an experiment to determine how issue guides influence voters’ views.

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