Obama\u2019s community-college gamble

Center for Poverty Research Faculty Affiliate Michal Kurlaender mentioned in the Washington Post.

A presidential budget is more than an expression of policy. It’s also an exercise in political brand management. It aims to project the president and his administration favorably. This is certainly true of President Obama’s fiscal 2016 budget, whose proposals are cast as instruments of “middle-class economics.” The government is your partner. It will protect your middle-class status — or help you retrieve it, if it’s been lost.

There’s also evidence that low tuitions alone don’t keep students in school. California has among the lowest levels of tuition and fees in the country, averaging $1,472 a year, about half the national average, write Michal Kurlaender, an education professor at the University of California, Davis, and Jacob Jackson, a researcher at the Public Policy Institute of California, in The Washington Post. But retention rates are still less than half. Money is apparently not students’ main problem; lack of interest or poor preparation may be.

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