Next Big Challenge in AI Could Be Teaching Computers How to Think Like Humans

5/11/2017 - Professor of Psychology Charan Ranganath in the Sacramento Bee.

Charan Ranganath has dedicated his professional life to studying how the human brain works. Now the UC Davis psychology professor is pushing that research into new frontiers by teaching computers how to slow down and mimic that same complicated but imperfect organ.

Ranganath and his team are putting to use a $7.5 million grant from the Department of Defense to develop a computational model that emulates how memory functions in the real world. The DOD is hoping to use that model to help predict and prevent terrorist activities as well as for other national security purposes. Ranganath is taking on that task by leading a team of five other scientists from Princeton, Harvard, Washington University in St. Louis and New York University.

“Human memory constantly adapts to new situations, and we often fill in the blanks of our memory with other information,” said Ranganath, 46. “I wanted to create a model just like the human brain that is intelligent but not necessarily accurate.” 

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