New Motor Voter: A Step Forward for California and Democracy

Research led by Mindy Romero, director of the California Civic Engagement Project at the UC Davis Center for Regional Change, is featured in The Huffington Post.

It's estimated that more than 6 million citizens in California are not registered to vote. In San Diego County there are nearly 600,000 people eligible, but unregistered, to vote. And, like the unregistered elsewhere in the state, these citizens are predominantly young, Latino, and Asian American.

The UC Davis Center for Regional Change recently examined the plunge in California voter participation, finding that just 17% of eligible Latinos and 18% of eligible Asian Americans voted in the 2014 general election. Even worse, Latinos made up only 15% of California's 2014 vote despite being 39% of our population. Asian Americans made up only 7% of the state's vote in 2014 but were 13% of the population.

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