How 'Intellectual Humility' Can Make You a Better Person

2/4/2017 - Postdoctoral Researcher in Psychology Tenelle Porter in New York Magazine.

We all have a tendency to overestimate how much we know — which, in turn, means that we often cling stubbornly to our beliefs while tuning out opinions different from our own. We generally believe we’re better or more correct than everyone else, or at least better than most people — a psychological quirk that’s as true for politics and religion as it is for things like fashion and lifestyles. And in a time when it seems like we’re all more convinced than ever of our own rightness, social scientists have begun to look more closely at an antidote: a concept called intellectual humility.

“When we’re more engaged and listening to the other side, the disagreements tend to be more constructive,” says Tenelle Porter, a postdoctoral researcher in psychology at the University of California, Davis.

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