Doing these three simple things will make you more charismatic

Research by psychology Distinguished Professor Dean Keith Simonton is cited in The Business Insider.

We tend to think that charisma is something you're born with — that Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, and Martin Luther King Jr., were able to captivate crowds and connect with individuals since they were kids. 

Not true. 

In his book "Why Presidents Succeed," University of California at Davis psychologist Dean Keith Simonton argues that one thing that separates successful presidents from inconsequential ones is the language they use to connect with people. 

It's about tapping into emotions like hope, hate, love, or greed. 

"People don't have rich [emotional] associations with abstract words like inference, concept, or logic," he tells the APA Monitor. "'I feel your pain' has association, but 'I can relate to your viewpoint' doesn't. The most charismatic presidents reached an emotional connection with people talking not to their brains but to their gut."

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