Company Would Screen Social Media for Texas School District

4/17/2018 - Associate Professor of Sociology Robert Faris in the Houston Chronicle.

As schools and districts across the country search for ways to stop the next spate of campus violence before it happens, Katy ISD’s trustees considered Wednesday whether to hire a security company to screen public social media posts to look for potential threats against its schools.

Robert Faris, an associate professor of sociology at UC-Davis who studies students’ use of social networks, said there is a pattern of public threats made online, particularly by young men.

“There is some indication that some of these troubled individuals, who are almost always boys, are having issues surrounding masculinity that has been challenged in some way,” Faris said. “Part of it is making this kind of aggressive front as a way to address what they might feel are shortcomings. They want to accomplish something with those public threats.”

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