Can an Action Heroine Be Too Masculine?

Research by communication Associate Professor Laramie Taylor is featured in the Pacific Standard.

Seemingly overnight, buying a ticket to Mad Max: Fury Road became a $10 investment in gender equality ($15 if you saw it in 3-D). 

 In 2011, researchers from the University of California-Davis tested just how much. In a survey of 122 undergraduates, researchers screened four clips, two featuring a stereotypically "attractive" Angelina Jolie solving a problem with and without violence; and two more with Kathy Bates, doing the same. Participants rated how much they endorsed each protagonist as a role model and scaled how much they agreed or disagreed with statements about whether women should embody stereotypically "masculine" virtues, such as doing anything to get ahead, or stereotypically "feminine" ones—like being emotionally supportive of their friends.

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