A Girl With Two Graves

9/18/2016 - Professor of Anthropology Jelmer Eerkens in the LA Times.

They found her buried under a garage earlier this year, her small body perfectly preserved in an airless, metal casket.

She wore a white christening dress with hand-stitched lace that would have dragged along the ground when she walked. Her blond hair had been laced with sprigs of lavender and a rosary of eucalyptus seeds lay on her chest.

She is believed to have died around 1870, when pinewood coffins sold for $2. Her elaborate glass and cast-iron vessel would have cost 10 times that much.

The clump of hair was plucked from the girl’s bangs carefully, but not professionally, and the follicles that Jelmer Eerkens hoped would be in abundance were scarce.

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