9 Easy Ways to Get More Grateful

8/7/2017 - Professor of Psychology Robert Emmons in Time.

I felt several flashes of gratitude today, and it wasn’t even Thanksgiving or Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day. First my husband, Dave, got me iced coffee without my asking. Then my 8-year-old presented me with a handmade Rainbow Loom bracelet. And my new comforter felt amazingly soft and luxe when I fell into bed at night. Ahh . . .

As I grow older, I’m getting more appreciative of the people and creature comforts that make me feel loved and contented. One study estimated that for every 10 years of life, gratitude increases by 5%. And that, the research suggests, is beneficial to our bodies and minds: People who are regularly grateful—who acknowledge the goodness in life and the sources of it—are generally healthier and happier.

“When people are grateful, they feel more alert and alive,” says Robert Emmons, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Davis, and the author of Gratitude Works! “The expression of gratitude is important, too—it strengthens relationships.”

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