Social Sciences and Humanities Dissertation Writers

Hosted by Anthropology Phd candidate Christian Doll.

We are a group of humanities and social sciences students who are working toward completing our dissertation writing in the 2017-2018 academic school year. Our reading group will be focused on strategies for writing and will offer a chance for us to get together and do writing and revision actvities together. Since we are mid-to-late-stage PhD students, our activities and readings will focus on later-stage aspects of writing such as: incorporating feedback into dissertation chapters, publishing in humanities and humanities-leaning social science journals, and producing final drafts for committee review. We plan to read short texts focused on these themes.

When we meet, we will discuss writing process strategies and progress, do activities centered on revision, and discuss scholarly work we are in conversation with and the ways we are working with it in writing. General themes and methodologies we are interested in include: globalization and global economic processes, textual analysis, ethnographic methodology and ethnographic writing, ideas of the “global south”, neoliberal reforms and their effects, and issues surrounding language and translation. 

Open to all. For more information, contact .

Winter 2018


Fall 2017

Monday, October 30, 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. (Sproul 912)

The dissertation writers had three highly productive meetings between the summer and Fall. Much of these meetings was devoted to quiet, focused writing and many of us made great progress in that short time due to the focused and positive energy of the group (not to mention the fuel given by delicious snacks). In our less quiet moments, we discussed our strategies for making revisions to submitted journal articles, our workflows for moving between different dissertation chapters, and the ways to write job documents since many of us are on the job market. We are planning to have several all-day writing sessions in Winter quarter during which anyone is welcome to come for any period of time to write and eat.