Contemporary Anti-Capitalism

Resistance & the University: a graduate reading group to convene throughout Winter & Spring 2017.

Our primary inquiries will be:

  • What does a contemporary analysis of capital look like?
  • What is our relation to capital as grad students?
  • Given our positionality, how can we engage in and theorize about struggles in the present?
  • How can we imagine resistance against capital as we enter the 21st century?
  • Who is doing that work?
  • Where do genealogies of critical theory position themselves in relation to contemporary capital and the labor of resistance?

Readings and refreshments will be provided. We will be meeting twice a month, Friday afternoons, from 12 PM - 2 PM, Hart Hall 3104.
If you are interested in coming to our first meeting next quarter (Jan. 13), please join:

Please email Hira or Rob for readings, meeting dates, and inquiries.