Natural Language Processing

Hosted by Associate Professor of Linguistics Raúl Aranovich and Computer Science graduate student Casey Casalnuovo.

The aim of our meetings is to discuss foundational issues as well as current trends in Natural Language Processing.

Topics of interest include corpus linguistics, language modeling, information theoretical approaches to linguistic analysis, text classification, information retrieval, computer-mediated communication, applications of NLP techniques to software and computer code, deep learning, and whatever else the members of the group find interesting at the intersection of linguistics, computer science, cognition, and communication.

We usually read and discuss one or two papers or chapters per meeting.


All meetings will take place in 273 Kerr Hall.

Every other Monday, 10:00 - 11:30 a.m. Beginning 10/3 (followed by 10/17, etc.)

Open to all. For more information, contact Raúl AranovichCasey Casalnuovo, or Kenji Sagae.