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ISS Reading Groups

ISS supports reading groups in order to encourage and allow faculty and graduate students to assemble on a regular basis to discuss various thematic and interdisciplinary areas of interest. Seven interdisciplinary reading groups will convene in 2017-18.

Computational Social Science

Hosted by Associate Professor of Communication Cuihua (Cindy) Shen.

Computational Social Science - Read More…

Speculative Ecofeminist Futures

Hosted by Assistant Professor of Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Rana Jaleel and Cultural Studies PhD candidate Xan Chacko.

Speculative Ecofeminist Futures - Read More…

Understanding Syria

Hosted by Distinguished Research Professor of Anthropology Suad Joseph and Anthropology PhD candidate Tanzeen Doha.

Understanding Syria - Read More…

Early Human Technology

Hosted by Assistant Professor of Anthropology Nicolas Zwyns.

Early Human Technology - Read More…

Past Reading Groups

View reading groups from previous years.

Past Reading Groups - Read More…