Philip Pettit, 2015-16

Princeton University's Laurance K. Rockefeller Professor of Politics and Human Values Philip Pettit delivered the 2015-16 Sheffin Lecture in Public Policy, "Giving Corporate Bodies Their Due—and Only Their Due."

Professor Pettit works in moral and political theory, as well as on background issues in the philosophy of mind and metaphysics. His acclaimed book Republicanism: A Theory of Freedom and Government, in which he sets out his theory of freedom as non-domination and addresses the political consequences of economic inequality, achieved widespread influence. It led him to be appointed, in 2004, as an advisor to former Prime Minister of Spain José Luis Zapatero—a relationship he explores in A Political Philosophy in Public Life: Civic Republicanism in Zapatero’s Spain, co-authored with José Martí.

Scheduled to present the John Locke Lectures in Philosophy at Oxford University in 2019, Pettit holds a number of honorary doctorates and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. His most recent book is The Robust Demands of the Good: Ethics with Attachment, Virtue, and Respect.

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