ISS Noon Lecture - 2014 in the Rear View Mirror: What Have We Learned

To launch the Institute for Social Sciences Noon Lectures, Department of Political Science Professor Benjamin Highton and Distinguished Professor Robert Huckfeldt presented an analysis of the 2014 midterm elections.

In their talk, which took place on November 12, 2014, Highton and Huckfeldt discussed the implications these mid-term elections have for California and the 2016 presidential race. 

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Benjamin Highton is a Professor of Political Science at UC Davis. He joined the department in 1999. Previously, he worked in Washington, DC as an APSA Congressional Fellow. His research and teaching interests include American national politics, political behavior, elections, public opinion, and research methods. He is a contributor to The Washington Post’s Election Lab, which forecasts the outcomes of U.S. House and Senate elections.

Robert Huckfeldt is a Distinguished Professor of Political Science at UC Davis. His primary research interests lie in participation, communication, and decision-making. The unifying focus of his work is on individuals who are imbedded within social contexts and connected to one another through networks of communication.