Mining the Social Web: Crowdsourcing Autobiographical Memory Research in the Age of Big Data (Fall 2015)

This Proseminar was led by ISS Fellows Petr Janata, professor of psychology, and Duncan Temple Lang, professor of statistics. Its theme and specific topics were designed to appeal to students eager to participate in the emerging and high-growth area of mining the social web and text analysis. It addressed the critical nature of graduate and undergraduate training at the intersection of technology, data analysis and domain specific content.

The age of the Internet has enabled and augmented modes of social interaction and knowledge sharing. The World Wide Web is a fertile playground for social science research and a meeting place for the social sciences, humanities, and mathematical sciences and engineering, in particular statistics and computer science.

The aims of this proseminar were (1) to engage students in thinking about the opportunities and challenges that the social web may provide their research, and (2) to give them a cursory introduction to the concepts and tools that have emerged for structuring, mining, analyzing, and visualizing the social web. These include data access (scraping and Web APIs), text processing, networks and graphs, structured semantic content, data analysis and statistics and visualization.

PSC 298 | Thursdays 3:00-5:00p.m. | SSH 273 | Fall 2015 (CRN 69304) | Flyer | Syllabus