Green Smoothies, Big Gulps and the Cultural Politics of 'Good Food'

Charlotte Biltekoff delivered this talk on April 24, 2015 at the Institute for Social Sciences conference series Leading Research in the Social Sciences Today. Biltekoff is an associate professor of American studies and food science and technology at UC Davis.

Biltekoff's research focuses on the cultural politics of dietary health and the values and beliefs that shape American eating habits. At UC Davis, Biltekoff works at the intersection of the humanities/social sciences and the sciences, building bridges between scientific and cultural approaches to questions about food and health.

She is the author of Eating Right in America: The Cultural Politics of Food and Health (2013, Duke), an exploration of the social and cultural dimensions of dietary advice and the changing meaning of “eating right” over the course of the last century.

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The 2015 ISS conference series showcased world-class research by social scientists across UC Davis and by top researchers from across the country. Each day of the conference focused on a unique aspect of inquiry, including people in societies, perceptions and reality and the role of social networks in decision making. This conference was co-sponsored by the Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science, the Davis Humanities Institute and the Center for Regional Change.