A Philosophical Problem: From David Lewis to Signaling Networks

Brian Skyrms delivered this talk on May 8, 2015 at the Institute for Social Sciences conference series Leading Research in the Social Sciences Today. Skyrms is a distinguished professor of logic and philosophy of science and economics at UC Irvine.

Skyrms is currently studying evolution of conventions and the social contract, and is also interested in inductive logic, decision theory, rational deliberation, the metaphysics of logical atomism, causality and truth. Most recently, Skyrms work has focused on the evolution of social norms using evolutionary game theory. His two recent books,Evolution of the Social Contract and The Stag Hunt (2004, Cambridge), are both on this topic. 

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The 2015 ISS conference series showcased world-class research by social scientists across UC Davis and by top researchers from across the country. Each day of the conference focused on a unique aspect of inquiry, including people in societies, perceptions and reality and the role of social networks in decision making. This conference was co-sponsored by the Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science, the Davis Humanities Institute and the Center for Regional Change.