Joseph Dumit, UC Davis

Joseph Dumit is the Director of ISS and a Professor of Science & Technology Studies (STS) and of Anthropology at University of California, Davis. His research examines how science and medicine change, and how the lives of Americans, including consumers, patients, doctors and scientists also change as the nature of facts and evidence change.

His books have examined the impact of PET scan brain imaging and its addition inclusion in popular culture, as well as the growth of pharmaceutical treatments through clinical trials toward the end of the 20th century. He has co-edited three books that examine the intersections of humans and technology, and has written extensively about patient experiences, difficult-to-define illnesses and the history of medicine. For ten years he served as managing editor of the journal Culture, Medicine & Psychiatry.

He was the founding director of the Science & Technology Studies (STS) program at UC Davis, where he served for nine years. He is on the faculty of the Cultural Studies Ph.D. program, as well as the executive committee of the Performance Studies Graduate Group.

Dumit received his Ph.D. in the History of Consciousness at UC Santa Cruz in 1995.

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