Faculty Support

ISS offers research grants to junior faculty in the Division of Social Sciences at UC Davis. Submissions for 2016-17 closed on Tuesday, October 25, 2016.

Junior Faculty Research Grants

Assistant professors in the Division of Social Sciences in the UC Davis College of Letters and Science may submit proposals for research grants that will fund their own research and help them to advance their careers.

Grants will comprise awards of up to $4,000. These funds must be expended by June 30, 2018.  Funds may be expended on a broad range of activities in support of research, but not on faculty salaries, course releases, or travel to conferences.

Proposal narratives (no more than 1,500 words) should describe the research project, the significance of the research, and anticipated career gains. Applicants should also identify any external funding opportunities that might be made possible because of this research funding. We require a current CV, and a basic budget that outlines how applicants anticipate expending these funds.

Note: Applications are reviewed by the ISS Executive Committee. Committee members may apply for ISS funding, but must recuse themselves from the review process.

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