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Humanitarian Work in Viet Nam: The Future of Civil Society and Transnational Soft Diplomacy

Hosted by the New Viet Nam Studies Initiative.

Nov 03, 2017
from 06:00 PM to 08:30 PM

Student Community Center, Multipurpose Roomm

Viet Nam is the fastest growing country in Southeast Asia. One aspect of this growth historically and contemporarily has been the contributions of the overseas Vietnamese or Việt Kiều. Even shortly after the war, those in diaspora sought ways to send medical supplies and other important materials for societal survival. This has evolved into organized humanitarian organizations founded and run by Việt Kiều to address some of Viet Nam’s most pressing societal issues. 

This event is to generate discussions around Viet Nam’s development, civil society, pressing social issues, and the role of the overseas Vietnamese and others in helping to assist peoples in need to curb and possibly help resolving some of the most dires concerns. 

Our panel will include a diverse representation of overseas Vietnamese engaged in humanitarian work in Viet Nam: 

Panelists will be as follows: